ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip Ice Grips / Ice Cleats (M) UK 5.5-8 EU 39-42


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ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip Ice Grips / Ice Cleats (M) UK 5.5-8 EU 39-42

Revolutionary. patented. diamond bead design provides hundreds of biting edges for superior traction on snow and ice
Highly durable and comfortable for prolonged use - general domestic use. walking. hiking. adventure trekking and suitable for extensive wear commercial and industrial users
Sturdy rubber sling stays securely on footwear without the need for straps
Superbly designed and adapted for transitional environments - snow to ice to slush to dry road and back again
Easy to take on and off and suitable for men and women
With this innovative new design ICEtrekkers have created a product which is 'best in class'. Robust. hard wearing and giving fantastic grip even on the slickest. hardest packed ice... Due to its unique design. Diamond Grip is one of the few ice grips you can use when transitioning from slick ice. through snow. slush. gravel. mud and onto dry road/pavement without having to take them off... This makes Diamond Grip superbly adapted for jogging and running. extensive walking. hiking and adventure trekking - as well as just popping down to the shops and back!... ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip was 100 mile dry road tested during design and development for both adaptability to various surfaces and wearer comfort... Unlike many other products on the market Diamond Grip is engineered and constructed to eliminate soft material. ground wear points. Making it very robust and long lasting. That's why it comes with a one year manufacturers warranty... One of the most trusted brands of personal traction devices. ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip is used by millions of consumers worldwide. It is also relied upon by hundreds of thousands of professionals who have to work outdoors in the Oil Exploration Industry. Highways Maintenance. Public Transport and Postal Operations sectors as well as being chosen by Local Authorities. Government and NHS.